About Us

About Us

At Akshat Technologies, we believe that imagination & innovation can provide a complete solution to Engineering & manufacturing services. We believe that there is virtually no end to the success that can be achieved with one single value- innovation. With this integrated and innovative approach, high levels of dedication, Akshat Technologies has placed itself in a competitive level in Engineering & Manufacturing Services.


It was a humble beginning with a vision to succeed. Akshat was founded in 2016 by a team of professionals with expertise, experience and passion for excellence. With the initial objective of providing cost-effective and end to end solutions to the technology driven engineering enterprises, the company slowly but surely expanded its horizons. Today it has marked its presence in the field of Engineering & manufacturing Services. 

Akshat Technologies is a Design Service, Injection moulded & sheet metal part Vendor for small industries in India & abroad with an array of services in Advanced Design through Manufacturing using CAD/ CAM, PDM/ PLM platforms. With an excellent equilibrium of experience, commitment, innovation, it delivers quality results in Engineering Services, Project Consulting and Outsourcing. Along with Cost-Quality-Time matrix, the focus is also on creative and innovative abilities, ensuring affordable solution with world class finesse.


To strive for customer satisfaction by providing pragmatic and cost-effective Engineering Design Solutions in minimum possible time with minimal overhead expenses. Provide cost-effective manufacturing solutions to the customer without any compromise in quality.