Our Services

Product Cad Design

Akshat Technologies has expertise and capabilities to undertake design through engineering of whole sub-systems. We have the capability to design and engineer over a whole range of activities.

Manufacturing Simulation

The efficiencies of cost and time for design of tooling for sheet metal bending or plastic moulding have vastly increased – thanks to Manufacturing Simulation (MS).

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is a practical and useful tool by which companies can create a 3D virtual model of an existing physical part.This in turn, makes the use of 3D CAD.


Prototypes are initial or primitive copies of a product that is being developed. They could either be concepts or perhaps even functional to test some specific attributes or responses.

Injection Moulding

Injection moulding is a manufacturing process for producing parts by injecting molten material into a mould. Injection moulding can be performed with a host of materials mainly including metals.

Sheet Metal Forming

Sheet metal is metal formed by an industrial process into thin, flat pieces. Sheet metal is one of the fundamental forms used in metalworking and it can be cut and bent into a variety of shapes.